Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Its funny about Woodstock, and Woodstock II.

Woodstock was held out to us all as the founding moment of the new love-socialism, and a turning point in history. WoodstockII, held a single generation later, turned into an arson-fest and head-banging exhibition, as Greenday lost the right to their own band name by inciting mudfights, poopfights, and muggings. Kids by the thousands begged parents or friends via cellphone to rescue them from the mayhem, a dream forced to be real, and so not living up to its own advance billing.

So it just may be with Antinuke 1979, and its wan, paltry grandson, antinuke 2006.

Needing the megawatts, and not craving the rise in taxes that would follow the closing of our nuclear plants, the wised-up population of 2006 has seen it all before, and Helen Caldicott was a lot more convincing at age 33 than today, approaching age 83. Her geriatric rants, full of hate and paranoia do not seem to fit in a world where Viet Nam is a tourist destination, and Belfast is holding bus tours of its riot sites, for visiting Japanese in on the Princess line to see the old Titanic berth.

Was it Thomas Mann, or Beckett that said:
"You Can't go Home Again"

And maybe we can't. Maybe we shouldn't
Maybe yesterday's rousing causes are grotesque distractions when time-shifted 40 years on.
Maybe today's real problems demand our attention now.
Tell me.... are there any antinuclear marches in Darfur?

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Saturday, January 13, 2007